Corona: The Solution to Human Parasite?

We were witness to a number of huge and drastic changes in that happened during the past years. The penetration of technology is far more pervasive and we were consuming the resources at an ever increasing pace. While the global capito-imperialism slowly switched to a debt base, all the ‘real’ analysts knew that the bubble was bursting.

The inversion on yield curve was the final demarcation that US is about to fall in recession. Other major economies had already started sinking by the time we got this signal. While the mainstream news has rarely favored the people by issuing timely warnings, the people, globally, were too entrenched in the rightwing-fascist propaganda themselves choose to believe on the ‘official narratives’ of things as it had an unprecedented reach through mass media.

Since the GDP of China overtook that of the US, China has emerged as the ‘new’ world leader and while the countries were preparing for the Corona outbreak, China handpicked the companies from global markets and can now boast of buying them for pennies. But the corona outbreak has far greater significance than promulgating China as the new world leader. The industrial production and transport is at a halt globally. What does that mean?

A greener planet and a New World Order!

With the decrease in demand due to progression of economic slowdown and corona outbreak, all the major economies literally don’t need fossil fuels or other resources. The decreased dependence on oil caused the global stock indices to plummet and the dollar is on the brink of collapse.

To keep the dollar afloat, United States has switched to QE4. Q.E. stands for quantitative easing and in its 4th stage, the Federal Reserve can print unlimited amount of cash and buy securities from endangered business to keep them afloat.

So as we venture into uncharted territories and living the times we only saw in sci-fi movies, I took on the task to connect the dots and what I conclude is more believable and any other narrative I found.

Without going into the blame game, let’s get to the point. We are over 7 billion now and each of us is ever less bothered about saving the planet. The rivers are foaming, air choking and sea packed with plastic. What life could persevere on such a planet? Nothing more than cockroaches and dormant viruses, I guess! Additionally, all global economies have debts several time to that of their GDP’s. What does this mean? This means that the debt can never be repaid how so ever high the economic profits may be.

The Covid-19 seems to be the final capitalist tool to get rid of the unwanted billions. Nothing else could have been as effective as the virus outbreak. The uprising in more than 100 nations was taking a revolutionary course and just then it was struck by the virus. Can it be a co-incidence? Hell No! So what’s the Consequence?

Billions, now, are caged and not a man on the street. Isn’t it a miracle? Should we ask who is guilty or behind all this? Well the fact is that we are too scared of everything. Our governments with the task of nurturing the deprived and protecting all had been systematically gutting our humane behavior by working for the exact opposite cause. Why? Because more or less we deserve it! Our lack of love for other beings on the planet or for other human beings for all practical purposes has turned us into android bots seeking personal pleasures and nothing else and I can safely conclude that we are lesser humans than ever.

Having said that, we are at the disposal of our mighty elite dads who have been deciding the fate of humans right from the time our grand dads were in nappies. These are the same people who got the atom bomb designed and deployed, who waged world wars, who attacked the WTC to snatch our rights and attack nations to sell ammunitions. They are the ones who are in power because we fail to take responsibility. And mind you, they know that we are too naïve to rule over selves. Then what should our fathers’ do?

Not many of us have heard of the Jekyll Island and what all happened there. They tried Chemtrails and Geo-engineering, GMO’s and RFID implants, but all of them had hassle. The Chemtrails designed to reflect back sunrays and cool down the earth backfired and the temperature began to rise more rapidly. Geo-engineering is a mess in itself for it can change weather locally which destroys the global currents creating hurricanes and tornados, which we all witnessed last year but failed to connect it to the real causes because of our disconnection with mother earth. The yesteryear was hotter, colder, rainier and more polluted than ever. We faced hurricanes and storms of unprecedented scale and rate. Agenda-21 and Codex Ailmentarius has been in pipeline for long. I can only assume that our elite dads have given up on us and abandoned all their programs of cleansing, for they required more resources and had feeble impact. That left them with only one solution- Covid-19.

Just think of it for once!

  • Its deadly with low death rates, which means less chaos to control for already conditioned humanity.
  • The conditioning was brought about sequentially with the fascist rule.
  • It affects the high income group the most, which means the poor will see this as justice rather than persecution
  • It probably becomes inactive under higher temperatures, not need to control just deploy and enjoy!

I had written an elaborate piece on Pathocracy and the threat it poses on our planet, not long back. In the essay I clearly talked of the debasing of the petro-dollar.

The locking down of nations is going to erode billions in the form of financial losses from our already ailing economy. So what should we expect from the future?

The most striking feature of the outbreak seems to be the change in global economic order. Dollar has to go, it’s just a matter of time. Our faith on tangible assets (land and gold) will resume. An intangible global currency like Bitcoin can assume this time to be the most favorable time to rise up as the global currency based on tech with no government regulation.

So what should we do now?

Obviously the elite dads are not ready to lose this war of authority. They will push all of their boundaries to keep things under their control. Then we must expect extension of the lockdown followed by escalation crisis. It might begin with shortage of food and medical supplies followed by the grocery and power requirements.

My Take:

Stockpile the basics and leave room for others. You must help others with all that you have and then only you can expect help when you need it. When a global insurrection rises, we ought to raise ourselves against all odds and give a death blow to the dying capitalism.

Author is a voracious reader and an autodidact. He is studying Statistics and Philosophy and works as an Analytics Consultant. He has published columns on Public Policy, Governance, Politics, Economics and Philosophy among others. When in leisure he listen's to 70's rock and engage in pro-people talk. He can be contacted on

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  • Stan Swamy

    A convincing and persuasive write-up. Thanks, Surya.
    A saying goes: the more you have, the less you can give; the less you have, you’ll give all that you have. And that will make
    all of us have enough.

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